Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Dye Your Hair Bright Red with Manic Panic Vampire Red

Recently I dyed my hair blonde but every time I washed it after toning it, it would go from ash blonde to yellow which wasn't working for me so I decided instead if damaging t more I would try manic panic vampire red instead.
The thing about this dye is it won't damage your hair in fact it made my hair so nice and perfect that it looked good for a week after leaving the hair salon. 
It was hard to find someone that would put it in my hair. All the hairstylist I asked said they would do it with their dye and I decided not to because I knew that would mean more developer and hair damage. I bought two tubs of manic panic vampire red and didn't wash my hair for a week. When it was dry and thirsty I went to the hair salon where this lady has used the manic panic dyes before. She put it evenly throughout my hair and put a plastic cap over my head and I sat under the hair dryer for a hour. The heat adds color. My hair was already a yellow color, so it picked up the red like crazy and she blow dryed it and straightened it for me. No more blah blonde!! My hair looked so amazing from the manic panic dye it conditioned my hair and made it look perfect! :) I think the only way I would ever bleach my hair ever again would be to dye it with manic panic dyes. Blonde just isn't for me. The maintenance for manic panic hair is difficult, your hair will leak if it gets wet, it stains everything which is why I went to a hair salon, but it's cheap (10 bucks) and won't damage your hair. It's worth it. At worst it will fade and you can choose another color with a similar base color to dye it. To keep the color looking good adding a little of the manic panic dye to your conditioner and put it in your hair for 30 minutes to a hour wih a plastic shower cap and then rinse it with cold water to lock the color in. I recommend Redken magnetic shampoo and conditioner or Pureology reviving red shampoo and conditioner. It might not be permanent but at least u can use it every month and it won't damage your hair. :) another good thing is it's vegan and not tested on animals:)

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