Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Clean Hair Products OUT of Hair!

After using this and that shampoo hairspray, leave in this and that your hair may be full of icky hair products, and you might want to get them out, well theres a easy way to do it, while nourishing your hair making it shiny, and cleaning it all at the same time, and its in your fridge O_o, This is a easy simple Hair recipe to get your hair products out, make your hair shiny, and healthy, can be applied every other week. You might be wondering Dairy?? but most of the best hair products have ingredients of things you can eat, not only do you eat it but your hair will also love this treat. There are so many oils that are good for your hair, I used half a Tablespoon of organic cold pressed olive oil, and half a tablespoon of Cold pressed Jojoba oil, and a dash of raw wild honey, and my hair came out shiny and soft

Ingredients for hair mask:
1/2 a cup of ORGANIC SOUR CREAM(full fat) or full fat organic yogurt
1 Tablespoon of oils of your choice for extra hydration (Olive oil cold pressed, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil, or pure argon oil)

1. mix ingredients together, apply to damp de-tangled hair. Put enough to cover hair, but put more or less depending on your hairs length.
2. Cover your hair with a plastic hair cap and leave for 20 minutes (the sour cream might drip so you might want to put a towel on your shoulders to catch the drips).
3. After 20 minutes rinse out with warm water followed by cold water, then continue with your normal hair routine of washing and conditioning.

Notes: I usually wash my hair 2 times a week, because washing your hair too much causes damage, and i usually do this before I shampoo followed with my conditioning treatment, which i will talk about in another post. The lactic acid in the dairy will clean and make your hair shiny. Its important if your hair is too dry to have a conditioning treatment, the oils will also keep your hair hydrated. One thing to remember about oils is never put them in your hair right before straightening( you will fry your hair), or using any hot tools. A oil treatment before shampooing is good, and then always use a good heat protectant spray, i will talk more about what i use in later posts, remember everyones hair is different so your hair will react differently the trick is to find out what your hair likes. :D